Simple Web Design Tips to Remember

Your company website serves as your business card on the World Wide Web. As such, having a slick, easy-to-use page is a must if you want to increase leads and sales. If you’re about to launch a new site or if you’re revamping your current one, here are some design tips to remember:

Choose the Right Font

Font might not seem like a huge part of web design, but consider this: About 55% of people who have Internet-capable handsets browse the web on their phones. As such, choose a font that is easy to read regardless of what device a potential customer is using. The text should be no smaller than 11pt, and each line must contain about 15-20 words at most for optimal readability. Continue reading

Need for Speed: Decreasing Your Site’s Load Time

You’ve built a gorgeously designed website in a bid to attract more customers, yet the amount of traffic your site sees isn’t increasing. Instead, your bounce rate has actually increased since you implemented the design. What’s going on?

Today, most web users have neither the time nor the patience to wait for sites to load. Several studies show that if a site doesn’t fully load within three seconds, users have no qualms hitting “Back”—and that may be what you are currently experiencing now. With that in mind, here are a few ways you can decrease your site’s load time:

Ease Up on Plugin Use

Plugins are a great way to add functionality to web design. However, the more you add, the longer it takes to load your site. Stick to plugins that you need to have to make it easier for users to do business with you.

Expire Headers

Typically, browsers tuck away temporary files of your website to help it load faster the next time a user accesses it. However, the default lifespan of these files is 24 hrs. You may want to increase this to at least a month or two to help decrease your load time.

Dedicated Servers

Normal servers house thousands of websites. If users access these sites simultaneously, it bogs down the loading speed of all the sites stored within. In such cases, you may want to purchase a dedicated server (especially if you aren’t willing to compromise on the size of your site).

Strategists Offer Good Web Content and Design for Winston-Salem, NC

Winston-Salem, NC online design strategists offer solutions, like the card user interface, that could improve the working relationship of both web developers and design consultants. Closely working together allows them to recognize the equal importance of content to inform and for design to entertain to create an overall good user-experience .

Enterprises based in Winston-Salem, NC should strongly consider consulting with online design strategists so they can map out a concrete plan of action to rebuild their company websites into one that showcases a good mix of content and design. Doing so ensures them of online traffic and potential sales of products and services.

Building a Killer Home Page: Dos and Don’ts

It is one thing to build a website, and it’s quite another to create one that is interesting enough that visitors and customers alike feel compelled to browse longer or return to the site again and again. Building a truly “killer” web page entails several considerations for maximum design effectiveness, but before getting to that level of sophistication, the basic principles of design should first be laid out:   Continue reading

Web Design Trends for 2014

The World Wide Web is changing as you read this, and 2014 is yet another year for innovators, image-makers, and bloggers to create ever-new web design and high-standard content. Here are a few of the most prevalent web design trends we’ll see this year.

Responsive – Nowadays, both responsiveness and seamless browser compatibility is all the rage. More web designers are on a quest to provide the so-called “ultimate” user-friendly experience, churning out layouts that can be viewed practically anywhere – on a desktop computer at home, or on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet on the go.

Content first – What’s a good layout without interesting content? Keep people hooked to a site, but take note that you can’t rely entirely on visual design, but rather also on quality image and content that people will actually find useful. When people stick around to browse on your site, you have to make them feel, at least, that it’s worth their precious time and undivided attention to do so.

Flat UI – UI means User Interface, and when it’s called flat, it actually is – the design conveys simplicity, without the unnecessary decorations, shadows, overpowering textures, gradients, and three-dimensional effects that do nothing but distract the audience. Flat UIs are designed to enhance user experience by getting the web pages to load much faster.

Big content blocks – It’s been scientifically established that people perceive and process information much faster and more efficiently with graphic aids (tables, schemes, diagrams, etc.) Big content blocks are great for both responsive design and storytelling purposes as they effectively focus the readers’ attention on one statement at a time.

Content vs Design: Which Matters More?

Businesses know the importance of engaging their customers through their company websites. After all, the online community presents a great opportunity for companies to expand their existing customer base or venture into new ones. Put yourself in the shoes of a business owner who wants his website to be more engaging and responsive to customers’ needs. Before you can do so, you might want to ask yourself: Should you focus content or design?


Some would argue that content is more important as this is what drives traffic to the website and provides something of value to site visitors. The information presented should, therefore, be relevant to the needs and problems that led consumers to visit your webpage in the first place.


On the other hand, some are inclined to say that design is equally important. In an image where image counts for nearly everything, a poorly designed website is highly unlikely to keep visitors interested long enough as the lack of appeal and functionality hinders their goal to be informed. Good web design, on the other hand, enhances the site navigation experience and, more importantly, facilitates the smooth flow of data.

Fortunately, businesses do not have to sacrifice one over the other as they can count on reliable internet marketing specialists to enhance website design and incorporate quality content at a reasonable cost.